Fees, Retainers, Pricing Policies

If your insurance company has referred you to TLCCS, we will assist by billing them for services you receive.
If you contact TLCCS directly or are referred by your physician or others involved in your care (or that of your loved one), we may assist by contacting your insurance carrier. Should your carrier not cover our services, you will be billed directly.

Our Rates for Professional Services

Retainer Fee

$600: low level acuity/stable

$1600: high level acuity/crisis management

Care Plan Assessment Report

Provided for generalized intervention, requested by family



$95/hour; billed incrementally

Mileage: at current IRS rate

Travel Time: billed hourly, $45

Annual HIPAA compliance data system, $75

My Mom came under my completely ill equipped hands 6 years ago. I had no Idea how to care for her and her many geriatric issues. I was overwhelmed and devastated by it all. The TLC team was referred to me by a trused friend and I reached out to them. This changed everything. Suddenly I had a knowledgable, expert, and caring team who helped me navigate the health care system, assisted living facilities, assistance with her finances, and even took the time to make sure I, as the care giver, was doing ok. I've been working with them ever since, and can't be more pleased with their professionalism, expertise, kindness and authenticity. I've been through several stages of caring for my Mom and for each one, they were there. I believe in a world full of people ready to take your money and check some boxes, these people are genuine, caring and kind people who want the best for your loved one as much as you do. Can't say enough. Angels, all of them.

Your service really made Mom’s last years comfortable, fun-filled and enjoyable.

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E-mail:  info@tlcconsultantservices.com

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