Comprehensive Planning, Management, Advocacy

At Total Long-Term Care Consultant Services, we are your team of problem solvers. Our skills and expertise lie in assessment, evaluation, planning and monitoring to ensure you and your loved one receive the most appropriate and cost-effective services to address your unique needs – health, social and emotional – in the least restrictive environment.

Since 1995 we’ve served the Brevard County area by enhancing the ability of disabled or senior adults to live safely in their communities with dignity and independence.

We do this with a strong team approach, combining experience and expertise of many healthy care delivery professionals. This increases the value we deliver to strong, positive outcomes. On our team we have experts in:
Biomedical Research
Patient Advocacy
Care Management
Geriatric & Long-Term Care
Nursing Home Administration
Guardianship, Conservatorship, Legal Representation



of experience

When Might You Need Us

In times of crisis due to advancing age or illness, decision-making is hard. Who can you speak with for knowledgeable and compassionate advice? This is when we’re at our best, supporting you with issues surrounding long-term care needs and options.

How We Serve You

We’ll provide a complete assessment of the total long-term care needs of your loved one and develop a plan that includes all available resources. We’ll facilitate and coordinate implementation of chosen services, provide follow-up monitoring, and give you the updates you need to stay informed.

We’ll Support Your Goals

We’re your liaison with physicians, therapists and community-based care providers or facilities. As licensed, seasoned professionals in nursing, social services, legal and facility administration, we offer a unique combination of knowledge and expertise in the health care delivery system, including reimbursement.

About Us our values

Our Values:

Just as we assess the value of a diamond through its 4Cs of clarity, color, carat and cut, TLC Consultant Services strengthens its services to you with our own 4Cs:

Collaboration within all health and social realms, whether facility, resource or provider.

Communication with patient, family and providers having an impact.

Coordination of service delivery, transition or discharge with facilities.

Continuity of care throughout the duration of necessary services and the health care spectrum.

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