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If an individual is legally incapacitated, has no advance directives, and is non-compliant with the necessary assistance to provide for their well-being, then guardianship may be the only alternative to keep him or her safe.  

Guardians step in when:

Families disagree

When there are no family members to assist with health, financial or personal matters

Property and assets must be protected and managed

The individual is vulnerable for exploitation


Provision with court authority, of medical, personal and/or financial decision making on behalf of an incapacitated individual.

Guardianship Reports

Preparation of annual guardianship reports include: initial verified inventory, initial plans, annual accountings and annual plans.

Trusteeship/Special Needs Trusts

Management of funds and/or property held by one person (the trustee) for the benefit of another (the beneficiary). A special needs trust allows the beneficiary to maintain eligibility for public support and receive other federal or state benefits.

Representative/Protective Payee-ship

We accept delegation by the Social Security Administration, Veterans Administration or other government agency to receive the income of a person for bill paying and financial management.

Standby Services

We offer to become standby guardians, powers of attorney, health care surrogates or make comparable arrangements with competent adults (or family members of a vulnerable adult) in which we are named for future planning purposes.

Multiple Guardians are on Our Staff

Our Founder

Catherine F. Rowlands has been providing professional guardian and trustee services since 1995.  She is a registered Professional Guardian with Statewide Public Guardian
Office (SPGO), and is a member of the National Guardianship Association, Florida State Guardianship Association and Space Coast Guardianship Association.

Catherine F. Rowlands is a certified Professional Guardian Educator and serves as an instructor for the Professional, Lay, and Minor Guardianship courses held at the Brevard Community College.

She founded Total Long-Term Care Consultant Services to ensure the residents of Brevard County and its surrounding communities are fully served during critical family change. She is knowledgeable in home, community and institutional-based services for long-term care, Alzheimer care needs and health care reimbursement.

As a former care giver herself, Catherine understands the many challenges faced in meeting the care needs of your elderly or disabled adult family member.

Her 30 years of professional experience in acute and long-term health care as provider, administrator and consultant are available for you; don’t hesitate to connect with us with your questions and concerns.

"The five years of highly professional, superlative, compassionate and loving care management provided by TLCCS was the reason that my parents were able to successfully fulfill their wish to live their final years in their beloved home."

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