Is Someone You Love in Danger of Falling?

As we age, injuries are more common and tend to be more severe. Issues of balance, eyesight, dizziness, medications, hearing, or unfamiliar terrain can all affect our ease when walking.

Yet, with age comes more serious concerns. Over half of all falls result in at least a slight injury, such as a bruise, sprained ligament, or strained muscle. More serious injuries include broken bones, torn ligaments, deep cuts, head injuries and damage to organs such as a kidney or the liver. In general, fractures are the most common serious injuries resulting from falls of older persons.

Fractures of the hip, wrist, and pelvis can result from the combined effects of falls, osteoporosis, and other factors that increase susceptibility to injury. Of course, any of these can lead to life changing circumstances and avoiding them is critical.

Is your beloved senior relative susceptible to a life-changing fall?

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